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Warframe: Shock Absorbers Pinnacle Pack Steam Key GLOBAL

1,500 Platinum to use towards new Warframes, Weapons, Equipment and more
150,000 Credits to assist in making new upgrades to your Arsenal
20 Random Mod Cards to instantly upgrade your Arsenal
10 Rare Mod Cards to add hard-to-find modifications to your Inventory
Shock Absorbers Mod to increase the Warframe’s damage resistance while knocked down
Retribution Mod grants a chance to deal Electricity Damage to enemies who deal shield damage via a melee attack
Reflex Guard Mod grants a chance for the Warframe to automatically parry incoming attacks
Heavy Impact Mod to create seismic shockwaves from heavy landings to knock foes off their feet
3 Exilus Adapters to instantly unlock an Exilus Mod Slot for Mobility and Utility advancements
7-Day Resource and Drop Chance Booster to double the chance and amount of pickups
7-Day Affinity and Credit Booster to quickly level up your Arsenal


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