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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Eight Princes Steam Key GLOBAL

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Eight Princes Chapter Pack

  • New campaign set 100 years after the Three Kingdoms period began

  • Eight new playable princes with substantially different playstyles…

  • Supported by unique buildings, assignments and court options

  • New elite units: pummel your foe with mighty cataphracts!

  • Shape your faction development with four new alignments: Wealth, Spirit, Might, and Mind

  • Key public order and faction-rank changes to reflect this unique conflict

The year is 291 CE, and a generation has passed since the tumultuous events of the Three Kingdoms period began. Despite the tripartite division of power which brought the conflict to a stalemate, and the brief unification of the kingdoms under the Jin dynasty, civil war is no more than a heartbeat away.

For the Jin is a dynasty divided. Its many ruling princes are hungry for greater power, each with ambitions – and methods – of their own. Eight stand above all others… will they rally to their emperor and empress? Or carve a legacy for themselves that will echo through the ages?

The Eight Princes Chapter Pack is set 100 years after the events of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, and features a new cast of playable factions led by the foremost princes of the Jin Dynasty. These Eight Princes offer feature substantially different campaign mechanics, focussing their playstyles in fascinating and unique ways


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