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The Sims 4: Get Famous Origin Key GLOBAL

The Sims 4 Get Famous is the sixth expansion pack for the life-simulation video game, The Sims 4. It was developed by Maxis and released by Electronic Arts in 2018. The expansion adds new celebrity-related features, with the most notable being the Reputation and Fame systems. It also introduces new career options, skills, aspirations, NPCs, objects, and even a hip-hop radio station.

Sims 4 - Expansion

Become a Famous Actor

The expansion pack introduces a new type of career. From now on your Sim can become an actor. If you want him to be successful and to get famous, you will need to sign your Sim up for one of the available agencies and prepare him for the upcoming auditions.Help him practice his lines, take care of his hairstyle and costume, and then head to the main stage. Work hard to unlock new career opportunities, and maybe one day your Sim will become the next Clint Eastwood. 

Additionally, teens may now also enroll in the new afterschool activity, a drama club, which allows them to perform locally and to effectively practice their acting skills.

Sims 4 - Become a Famous Actor

Earn Fame and Reputation

The Sims 4: Get Famous lets your Sims earn Fame and Reputation which unlocks new types of interactions and quirks. Your Sim will start with a neutral Reputation. It can be changed by performing certain actions in front of others. Reputation can be either good or bad, and depending on the actions your Sim takes, at one point he will be able to either host charities or lampoon parties.

Fame, on the other hand, allows your Sim to gain fame ranks. Gaining fame requires your Sim to interact with others, sell or publish his works, complete gigs in the Actor career, or use scientific inventions. Each fame rank awards your Sim with additional fame points which can be spent on the fame perks. There is 21 perks total, but only 10 points to be gained, so you need to plan carefully which ones you choose.

Sims 4 - Fame

New fame-themed objects

The Sims™ 4 Get Famous introduces several new objects to be acquired. Among the more interesting ones, it is worth to mention the wearable Celestial Crystal Crown. It can be loaded with crystals you can either find or buy. Each crystal provides a specific temporary bonus which will affect the Sim wearing the crown.

The expansion pack also adds items that allow your Sim to start media production, namely the video and music stations, as well as the streaming drones. Start streaming videos and music to gain a substantial amount of fame or upload the recordings and make some simoleons on the side.


This expansion pack doesn’t introduce any significant changes to the core gameplay. Instead, it focuses on adding multiple celebrity-related items and features to make the game more interesting and diversified.


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