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The Broken Seal Steam Key GLOBAL

The Broken Seal is a game designed exclusively for virtual reality, supporting HTC Vive and Oculus.

The ancient seal has been broken, powers of evil are devouring everything in this world. Now the world needs a HERO to save it from catastrophe.
?Voice control. You can use your own voice to cast spells in the virtual world, enjoying the charm of magic through compelling experience.

?Multiplayer mode and summon system. You are not alone in this world. Try multiplayer mode to play with your friends, and summon pets company that fight together with you.

?Dozens of various spells. Each spell with unique function evolves with your progress through the game.

?Multiple kinds of trophies. You could get weapons and equipment as well as other kinds of trophies during fights with evil creatures. Use trophies to strengthen yourself.

?Diversified gaming environments. Regions including forests, relics, snow mountains and deserts comprise this world of magic.


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