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Tannenberg Steam Key GLOBAL

Tannenberg is the newest entry in the FPS series, which focus on the first First World War and was started with the game, known as Verdun.

The battle of Tannenberg was a brutal event

Authors of Tannenberg decided to pick this battle not without a reason. Since their very first game, they wanted to show, how brutal the First World War was. Unfortunately, it is often overshadowed by Second World War.

It is so forgotten, that there are not too many games, which focus on this conflict. Luckily Tannenberg game is one of the few games, which decided to put a lot of attention on the conflict itself. The battle of Tannenberg took place in August of 1914. It was a battle between the Russian army which consisted of 230 000 soldiers and German army with 150 000 soldiers.

Although not as brutal as Verdun, it is still considered as one of the worst battles of the conflict. It left a big impact on people. For the German side, over 10 000 soldiers have died. In case of Russians, more than 78 000 died or were seriously wounded. Now, you will be able to participate in this conflict. Do you think, that you are a battle veteran, capable of dealing with the horrors of war?

Tannenberg gameplay provides you with 64 player maneuver game mode

Tannenberg game is a huge step forward in comparison to its predecessor, Verdun. One of the most interesting, new additions is the 64 player maneuver game mode. Here, you are going to feel like you are really participating in a brutal battle.

These players are divided into two teams. When the battle begins you are provided with various objectives, which you have to fulfill. They are going to change constantly and the frontline is going to constantly shift forwards and backward. Which was, in fact, normal for the real conflict.

You are not a one man army

One of the most important aspects of Tannenberg is the fact, that you are not a one man army. It is not a Call of Duty game, where the single soldier is capable of winning the entire war.

To the contrary, if you are going to try to be a Rambo, then you will die quickly. You need to cooperate with your partners, especially if we take into consideration the fact, that different squads have various abilities. In order to win, you have to learn how to utilize these abilities.

The game which perfectly captures the horror of war

The team responsible for Tannenberg are a group of passionate. They wanted to show you, how brutal was the First World War and they were capable of doing so.

Your ears are going to suffer from constant artillery barrages, your nose is going to inhale poisonous gas and your body is going to slowly decompose in trenches, filled with mud. In this hell on earth, you are going to do anything to survive.

However, you should ask yourself if you are capable of surviving in such a harsh environment? Remember, only the strongest will survive.


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