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Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath (PUBG DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL


Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath

The Premium Survivor Pass is your key to earning new outfits, ornate weapon skins, and unique styles from Erangel's history. Purchasing the pass will unlock access to premium missions and more than 100 rewards, including “Red Zoned” for the UAZ, the first-ever vehicle skin you get just for upgrading to Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath. Jump in today and remaster your Erangel wardrobe!

Q: How do I get the Survivor Pass?
A: The Premium Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath is available for $9.99 USD on the Steam store until October 15, 2019 (7:00PM PDT).
Q: What if I buy Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath late in the event period?
A: You will immediately receive all Premium rewards up to your current level and will have until the end of Season 4 to earn the rest of your rewards. Level Packs (5 Levels / 20 Levels / 30 Levels / 50 Levels) can also be purchased to accelerate your progress if time is running short.

The season for Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath starts on July 24, 2019 (3:00 AM PDT)


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