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Stellaris: MegaCorp Steam Key GLOBAL

Stellaris: MegaCorp is a full expansion to the economy-focused grand strategy video game from Paradox Development Studio, in which players can the leader of a mighty corporate empire and make an economic extension. As Managing Directors MegaCorp, they can do business with many new societies. They get the opportunity to build branches on empire planets with whom they have entered into commercial agreements and can create new megastructures such as Matter Decompressor, Mega-Art Installation or Strategic Coordination Center that provide more opportunities for megalopolis scaling.

Stellaris Planet

From now on, players also have the opportunity to buy and sell slaves on an industrial scale, while thanks to ecumenopolis, they can increase the population density of indigenous worlds to truly unbelievable proportions, thus ultimately creating a megacity, which will extend over the entire planet. In the end, it is also worth mentioning the Caravaneers who stay away from galactic politics. These fleets of traveling merchants often have interesting offers up one's sleeve, so during dealing with them, players can always expect some surprises.

MegaCorp options


In the opinion of the majority of reviewers, the presented downloadable content was a successful purchase. As its main assets, they mentioned above all the presence of interesting and impressive megastructures, as well as trade, which became another important system in the game, improving economic management. Players’ attention was also attracted by trade routes and the fleet of traveling merchants. As for the price, many people think that is right.


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