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Squad is a first-person tactical shooter featuring large-scale multiplayer battles. It is focused on realistic warfare, and as such it gives access to modern equipment, including up-to-date weapons and manned vehicles. The game was developed and published by Offworld Industries in December 2015 as an early access title and it is available on PC (Windows).


Squad is a tactical shooter and lets two teams consisting of multiple squads battle each other for dominance on the modern battlefield. The average match takes anything between 40 and 80 minutes to finish, though it can take as much as 2 hours.

There are multiple factions to choose from when joining the match. These are split into two groups – conventional armies (British Army, Canadian Army, Russian Ground Forces, and US Army) and rebel factions (Insurgents and Irregular Militia).

Soldier in Squad (PC)

During battle, players can choose one of many roles for their character, including grenadier, sapper, crewman, medic, raider, and heavy anti-tank, to name a few. Each role has different equipment at its disposal and has different objectives to focus on. Besides the standard weapons, players are also able to man vehicles, from simple transportation to modern tanks, including the famous M1A2 Abrams. Additionally, players can place different deployables and defense structures, such as bunkers, sandbags, and even mortars. The communication with other players plays the key role in the game, thus it’s recommended to play with a microphone turned on in order to let teammates know about incoming danger.

Game Modes

The game is designed to be played in multiplayer and features multiple distinctive game modes to choose from. The most popular are Advance and Secure, Random Advance and Secure, and Invasion.

In Advance and Secure players of the opposing teams need to capture and defend certain areas on the battlefield in a given order. All of the capturable points are visible on the map from the start, as opposed to the Random Advance and Secure mode, where the next point appears on the map only after the first was secured. Controlling more points than the enemy team at any given time results in the opposing team losing their tickets – the first team to lose all the tickets loses the match.

Insurgents in Squad game

Invasion mode turns opposing teams into defenders and attackers. Defenders control multiple points at the beginning of the game, and attackers have to perform an assault in order to recapture them. Once attackers captured the point, it can’t be retaken by defenders, meaning it’s vital for the defending team to try not to lose any point. Similarly to the above-mentioned modes, holding the points drains enemy tickets, and the first team to lose all of them loses the match.

Other possible, but less played modes include Destruction, Conquest, Insurgency, and Territory Control. There is also a single-player sandbox mode called Shooting Range, where players can practice shooting and learn the basics at their own pace.


Squad game is considered a solid position among other first-person shooters and it stands out from the crowd thanks to the scale at which the battles occur. Reviewers praised the emphasis being put on the teamwork aspect of the title – players need to cooperate closely with their squad in order to succeed, hence the game’s title. Among other noteworthy features, reviewers also praised highly realistic combined warfare and deep tactical elements incorporated into the game.


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