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Seven: The Days Long Gone Steam Key PC GLOBAL

Discover barren and dangerous world

Can you imagine the world that has been destroyed and rebuilt with people gaining power from an ancient artifact? Fall of education led to the suffering of the populace and the governing of a cruel and mysterious ruler. During your gameplay, you will lead the actions of Teriel - a skilled thief that was sent to a prison island. With Artanaka demon inside your head, your task is to accomplish a secret mission, that can affect the whole empire.Explore the open world of Peh island and enjoy beautiful landscapes from an isometric point of view. Fight with dangerous monsters, overcome numerous obstacles and sneak through security checkpoints.

Find your own combat style

Remember that Teriel is well-trained thief so you can use all of his skills and attacks up to your preferences. Sneak up noiselessly and attack your enemies by surprise. Seven: The Days Long Gone gameplay encourages infiltration and stealth mechanics rather than combat. Discover a truly unique approach to the genre and enjoy being cunning thief gifted with magical powers. Use decoys to distract guards, set traps to get rid of patrols or assassinate the enemies so they can’t sound the alarm. Face these choices regularly and become better and better. If you find yourself more in an open combat, use powerful attacks and combos to defeat your opponents. Be careful though because once you are warned by the guards, you are in serious trouble.

Explore interactive elements within the map

Enjoy highly detailed places and objects during your journey. Use your sense mode frequently to avoid confrontation with enemies and to highlight important objects. This mode can also prevent you from getting stuck somewhere. Sneak past the wall and try not to draw the attention of a large number of guards.

Extraordinary visuals and voice acting

The post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the game perfectly blends with decent graphics.The western guitar music is quite memorable and will help you sink into a mysterious atmosphere. The cel-shaded art style is unique for a game in this genre. Amazing details of environments add an extra thrill to the engaging story and combat situations.

Face a lot of extraordinary personages

Get deep into the story full of fascinating characters. Meet depraved tramps, arrogant aristocrats and incapacitated slaves. Be careful while talking to strangers because on the Peh island there are two factions called: Technomagi and Biomancers. On your way, you will certainly meet numerous Peh dwellers needing help. Decide whether you are going to help them or use their trust for your own benefits. Remember, that any decision you make, will lead to further consequences.


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