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PixARK is a 3D sandbox survival game, developed and published by Snail Games. PixARK is based on ARK: Survival Evolved and features similar setting and gameplay mechanics. In the game the player is tasked with collecting resources and crafting materials to help them survive, as well as grow and harvest crops, build housing, etc. The game features dinosaur fighting and taming, known from the original ARK.


In PixARK, the player controls a nameless survivor, who wakes up in a mysterious land, inhabited by dinosaurs. The player begins by creating their character, adjusting their facial features, hairstyle, and clothing. Then the player selects one of the rally points where they’ll begin their adventure. The game includes different biomes, like forests, swamps, deserts, and oceans. Within each biome, the player can find mines and ruins. Mines allow excavation of resources, while ruins are enemy and loot-filled dungeons.

PixARK - minecraft with dinosaurs

PixARK features mechanics similar to that in A: SE. The player’s main job is to gather resources necessary for survival, like wood, metal, rocks, and food. The player can use materials to create weapons and shelters. They can also plant seeds to grow crops. Like original ARK, the game features over a 100 species of dinosaurs, which can be killed for raw materials or tamed and used as mounts.  Each dinosaur has their own statistics, which determine their stamina, health, how long can they breathe underwater and how much food do they need.   


You wake up in an unknown land, with no memory of how you got there. You must gather your courage and creativity to survive in this new environment. Luckily, nature is on your side. Use your resourcefulness and turn the odds in your favor by harvesting materials and creating items, which will help you survive. Wander deeper into the land and discover dinosaur living there. Fight them for resources or tame them and use them as invaluable assets in your fight for survival. 

PixARK video game


PixARK for PC received favorable reviews from the critics. Reviewers noted the graphics of the game and a more robust world as the decisive features of the title. When compared to ARK: Survival Evolved, the game was noted for providing the player with more creative freedom, as well as appealing to the younger audience more than brutal and realistic A: SE.


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