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PC Building Simulator - Overclocked Edition Content Steam Key GLOBAL

The Overclocked Edition DLC for PC Building Simulator includes 2 Exclusive Special Edition versions of the NZXT H700 and H500 cases that have been specially designed by Brock Hofer (creator of the amazing Hyper Beast designs).
NZXT H700 - Extinction Wars
(Unlocks in Career mode towards the end of level 27 but in Free Build right away)
NZXT H500 - Re-Animator
(Unlocks in Career mode towards the end of level 26 but in Free Build right away)

In addition, this DLC also includes the full original soundtrack that can be found in the game.
Track Listing:
1. Smearing Thermal Compound - Hard Drive (03:02)
2. RAM Out of Luck - Motherboard (03:22)
3. A Thousand GigaFLOPs Without You - C.P.U. (03:05)
4. Linear Feedback Shift Register - Universal Serial Bus (04:12)
5. Light - Diode (03:48)
6. Upload Download - Petabyte (03:44)
7. Inverse Fourier Transformation - Upstream Pinout (03:20)
8. Trace a Ray Reflection - North Bridge (03:22)
9. Advanced Host Controller Interface - Heatsink (02:25)
10. The Ultimate PC - Chris Blundell & Gavin Harrison (02:25)

Once purchased and downloaded this soundtrack can be accessed via your Steam music player or directly via the OST folder in the game installation directory.


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