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My Friend Pedro is a shoot ‘em up action computer game, developed by DeadToast Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital. MFP is a PC remake of the app game released by Adult Swim Games. The game throws the player into the wacky world of shooting everything that moves. As a nameless protagonist, accompanied by his banana pal Pedro, the player will have to traverse various levels and eliminating foes in the most spectacular ways possible.

My friend Pedro

Pedro knows how to party

In My Friend Pedro the player controls an unnamed protagonist, assisted by a talking banana named Pedro. Armed with different types of weapons, from pistols to machine guns, the protagonist has to shoot his way through several levels filled to the brim with enemies. The game rewards player with points for each successful hit, and killing enemies increases the multiplier. The highest scores are then placed on the global leaderboard. Other core gameplay mechanics are stunts and bullet time, often applied together. The player can mix wall-jumps, skateboard dashes, and other parkour elements and gracefully mow through enemies as the time slows down around them.

Pedro knows cool stories

Throughout My Friend Pedro's story, we meet a hero, who befriends titular sentient banana, Pedro. At the behest of his new pal, the protagonist embarks on the quest to shoot everyone and everything that stands in his way, be it low ranking gangsters or their powerful bosses. But no matter what comes their way, Pedro and the protagonist will always have each other’s backs, because that’s what the friends are for.

My Friend Pedro game

Everybody loves Pedro

My Friend Pedro (PC) received highly positive reviews from the critics and players. While the reviews noted the thin plot and some weird animations, most of them focused on the fun that the game provided. Reviewers for different outlets pointed out how the game masterfully incorporated stunt-based platforming, bullet-time action, as well as split-aiming and melee-based combat, making for an excellent shoot ‘em up gameplay experience.


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