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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Steam Key GLOBAL

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden is a turn-based role-playing game for PC, developed by The Bearded Ladies studio, and published by Funcom. The game is based on Swedish tabletop RPG Mutant. In Mutant Year Zero, the players take control of a group of three individuals, mutated humans who survived a global outbreak and search the desolate ruins of the old world in search of resources. The game features an isometric view of the map, similar to that of Fallout: Tactics, turn-based combat mechanics which emphasizes tactical approach o conflict.


In game, the player is in control of a three-member party. Each member of the party possesses unique abilities and skills. These are divided into three categories, passive, minor and major. Passive abilities include temporary boosts to mobility, increasing damage in certain scenarios, etc. Minor and major skills can be used against enemies, with effects varying on the type of skills. Each skill has its own cooldown period, which is counted in the number of kills the character gets.

The combat in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is waged in turns.  When entering the ambush, or battle mode, the player can no longer move their character freely, only positioning them once per turn. The grid that the characters can move on is divided into white, orange and red areas. White areas take one action point to move into, while orange ones take two. Red areas are completely inaccessible to the player. In combat, the player is given to action points per turn. Some actions and skills may require spending both of these, so the player should think carefully about their tactics and situation on the battlefield. Players should also consider their surroundings. Battlefields with elevated areas can prove useful and might gain the player necessary advantage and increase their chance for victory.  

The player characters can use abilities like walking, shooting, reloading, healing and hiding. There is also a special ability called overwatch, which allows the player to skip their turn and attack during the enemies’ phase. The timing of the action is decided tactically by the computer.  Enemy units are also able to use that skill, for example, to intercept the player character en route to a favorable position.

Story and characters

In the future, the world has fallen to the Red Plague – an unknown disease, which outbreak decimated the majority of Earth’s population. The survivors took refuge in the Ark – the last bastion of humankind. They are led by the Elder, the only one who remembers the world from before the outbreak. 

Some of those who did not fall victim to the plague were turned into mutants, terrifying hybrids with unique powers. Taken in by the Elder to live in the Ark, they serve as Stalkers, hunter-gatherers, who traverse the wastelands of the old world, named the Zone, searching for resources.

You are one of them. Selma, Dux and Bormin, a team of stalkers, are sent on a mission to retrieve Hammon, a technician capable of running the rapidly deteriorating ark. On your quest you will traverse the Zone, facing the threats you couldn’t even dream of.  


MYZ Road to Eden for PC was met with a very positive reception. Critics and players alike praised the video game for a fresh approach to the tactical RPG genre, difficulty requiring the player to think their actions through as well as an engaging story set in an interesting world filled with memorable characters.


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