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Life is Strange 2 Complete Season Steam Key GLOBAL

Life is Strange 2 - encounter the captivating story

Meet Sean and Daniel Diaz, who are forced to leave Seattle and escape police manhunt. 

Life is Strange 2 is a storytelling adventure game, the sequel to Life is Strange.

Dive into unpublished episodic history, encounter completely new characters, and let the story continue. Delve into a complex adventure, which emphasizes personal relationships, adolescence and the difficulty of living in a world that rejects people who are different.

Life Is is Strange 2 will be available on Xbox One, PC and PS4 (Steam CD-key is for PC)

Delight with gripping cinematographic style, with well-animated, colorful sequences. Life is Strange 2 will surprise you with an inspiring direction of art, the credible aesthetic of the realistic world and a magnificent, thrilling fable. Solve complicated problems with unnatural powers and admire the beautifully composed soundtrack.

Life is Strange music consists of some of the most famous themes of indie and pop panorama. Throw yourself into breathtaking adventure filled to the brim with difficult choices. Decide about your future and react quickly to numerous plot intricacies.

Gameplay and storyline of the 1-2 episode

A new narrative adventure arrives! Reveal the inspiring and heart-stopping story of two brothers: Sean and Daniel Díaz who are just 16 and 9 years old. Due to a traumatic event, both are forced to flee their home in Seattle and embark on an adventure to try to get to Mexico and meet their father.

Guide them during their trip along the west coast of the United States. Dontnod Entertainment has returned to put together a mature script, full of very challenging decisions. Watch the realistic masterpiece of evolution and development of the two characters.

Encounter unpredictable events that will strengthen relations between two brothers. Challenge racism, education problems and lead the boys out of childhood to adulthood with extreme care and delicacy. Play five episodes filled with tough decisions.

Dontnod Entertainment has restructured its video game as an episodic title, in which decisions and dialogues are an indivisible part of the gameplay. Numerous improvements have been implemented in the narrative and game mechanics.

Enjoy more elements and ways of interacting with everything that surrounds you and explore these interactions even more.

Interestingly, the production allows you to import the state of the game titled The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, so that the choices made there are reflected in the events presented here.

More information about the game

Life is Strange 2 is a sequel of the passionately welcomed episodic game from 2015. The main characters of Life is Strange 2 are sixteen-year-old Sean Diaz and his nine-year-old brother - Daniel.

The coincidence of accidental events led to a tragic accident. Escaping from the judiciary, our protagonists are forced to leave Seattle and go on a trip to Puerto Lobos, Mexico. The matter is further complicated by the fact that in the meantime they must hide mysterious, supernatural and dangerous power. 

As in the first part of the series, in Life is Strange 2, we observe the action from the third person perspective (TPP).

Spend some funny and scary moments tracking the plot and making decisions that affect its course. Life is Strange 2 operates on the basis of a new graphics engine. The visual sphere of this production has been maintained in the style which makes it similar to a drawing made with pastels.

Like its predecessor, Life is Strange 2 is distributed in the form of regular episodes. The elements and supernatural powers will again have an important role. Use them wisely as one of the main protagonists is gifted with this dangerous powers.

Enjoy hours of surprising exploration, interaction with the environment and conducting conversations with neutral figures.

Episode 1 will be available on September 27, 2018. Episodes 2-5 will be released later. 

The full season includes Episode 1 and the batch of Episodes 2-5, which will be available as they are released.

Pre-order the full season of Life is Strange 2 to receive an exclusive, story-based game that provides hours of entertainment.


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