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Killing Floor 2 - Deluxe Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

Descend into zed-laden hot zones and exterminate the threat

Horzine Biotech works on human clones have actually got out of hand, leading to an outbreak of blood-thirsty mutants – Zeds. Along with other brave men, you secretly form troops and stand up against the overarching threat. The privately funded operation bases across Europe specialize in tracking specimen clone outbreaks, sending you into various parts of the continent, straight into the zed-laden hot zones, where you will try to stop the ongoing massacre. European Union is just a memory, communications failed, governments collapsed, and military forces are systemically destroyed. Now it is time for you to jump into the world known from the characteristic B-class horrors and save the world from extinction.

Well-designed continuation

Killing Floor 2 draws on the scheme and mechanics known well from the first Killing Floor title, which has gathered a group of 3 million devoted fans around the world. You will experience enhanced graphics with high-resolution details and realistic motion capture animations. There is also an extremely realistic and very brutal scathe system, which will allow you to kill mutants in endless ways. Take pleasure in abusing your enemies, chopping off subsequent parts of their bodies. Be ready for a bloody gameplay, that will provide long-lasting online entertainment.

Explore various game modes

From a solo play, through 6-player co-op, ending on a 12 player PvP mode, Killing Floor 2 – Deluxe edition features a multiplicity of different modes to test and have fun. Discover a wide array of playable characters waiting for you to choose, while entering the fray. Be one of the defenders or the Zeds, choosing your side in a Versus Survival game mode, where two teams take turns in a Humans vs. Zeds double match. After the battle, you turn sides and summarize your points after the death match. Kill all humans or destroy the Zed’s boss! Adrenaline rush guaranteed! 25 experience levels will variegate your gameplay, providing opportunities to earn new skills and systematically develop your character. From modern militaristic assault rifles to classic historical guns, Killing floor 2 gameplay offers an endless arsenal of various killing tools, that shall appeal to any fan of the genre.


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