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Hell Let Loose Steam Key GLOBAL

Realistic simulator of the bloodiest conflict in the history! Hell Let Loose is a multiplayer-focused first-person shooter developed by an Australian studio – Black Matter. The game setting focuses on the times of World War II. Players will have the chance to experience the chaos and nightmares accompanying soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad, Guadalcanal Campaign or Battle of Normandy.

Innovative and extremely immersive gameplay mechanics of Hell Let Loose

The developers from Black Matter studio have put a lot of effort to make the Hell Let Loose experience as realistic as possible. The battles are carried out on huge maps designed based on authentic documents and archival data.

The main element of the gameplay is a clash of two 50-player teams which are additionally divided into small platoons. To win the battle, whole the team has to conquer and maintain crucial map points and taking care of the supply line which provides soldiers with necessary ammunition and fuel. Delivered supplies may be used by the engineers to build reinforcements, minefields, etc. Before the battle begins, players may choose one of a few playable classes which will determine their equipment and role during the combat. 

Soldier with Bazooka in game

No war was won by a single person and Hell Let Loose is no exception – the key to a victory is cooperation with other members of your platoon and team. Players have to effectively coordinate their actions to successfully claim crucial points on the map. While thinking about tactics, players have to take into account elements like topography or different types of settlements to minimalize danger posed by the opposite team. The developers have implemented an environment damage system to the game which means that almost every element of players surrounding may be destroyed.

Hell Let Loose (2019)

Players with extraordinary tactical thinking may use this element as an advantage – destroying a bridge used by the enemy team may be extremely helpful during the battle. The arsenal available in Hell Let Loose consists of diversified weapons like pistols, machine rifles, shotguns, mortars and many more. Of course, infantry is not the only element of the war. On battlefields, players will come across numerous vehicles like tanks and recon vehicles. It is worth to mention that the damage system has been divided into different categories – players can treat themselves in case of flesh wounds, more serious injuries may be treated only by the medic, while explosion results in instant death.

Tanks in Hell Let Loose


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