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Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger Steam Key GLOBAL

It is the third consecutive DLC (Downloadable Content) for a well-received real-time strategy, situated in the times of World War II known as HOI IV, released by Paradox Development Studio in 2016. This time, the developers put the spotlight on the warring the Far East and the conflict between communist China and Japan which started before Germany invaded Poland.


The developers made some general gameplay improvements, including modified Focus Trees for Germany and Japan. It allows players to create alternative history scenarios – Japan becoming a democratic country or the German rebellion against Hitler is just a few examples. The DLC introduced the system of missions and decisions to the game. Players are now able to spend political power on national decisions and missions to strengthen their country, gain bonuses or prevent penalties.

Japan in HOI4 Waking the Tiger Expansion

The way of organizing armed forces has also been modified with Chain of Command system: field marshals are now in command of the groups commanded by generals, Divisions may scavenge equipment left by enemies on the battlefields, and soldiers can become more effective in adverse environments as time passes. The zone of aerial combat has been improved, including volunteer squadrons and the possibility to assign air forces to moving armies.


Reviews showed that Hearts of Iron IV Walking the Tiger is a decent expansion introducing many game-changing mechanics and improvements. Modified Focus Trees and Chain of Command system have met with warm welcome within the gaming community. According to players, the main theme (that is the Asian front of the war) of the DLC has proved to be equally educational and entertaining.


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