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Grand Theft Auto Online: Megalodon Shark Cash Card 8 000 000 Xbox One, XBOX LIVE Key (GLOBAL)

Megalodon Shark Cash Card code provides you with 8 000 000$ of the in-game GTA dollars, which among all the shark cash cards offered by Rockstar, is the best one to choose. The 8 000 000$ is in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online a huge amount of money. Especially, if you take into consideration a little fact, that per game "day" you are not going to be able to earn more than 100 000$.

Besides, thanks to the megalodon you will be able, to buy a lot of great things. The best among them are obviously, yachts. Yachts are symbols of luxury in GTA and also provides you with lots of benefits. They can, for example, spawn you a helicopter. Such yachts like The Aquarius costs exactly 8 million but thanks to them, other players are going to know, that they cannot tangle with such OG like you.


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