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Forager is a simple action survival 2D game created in a pixel art style. It was developed by HopFrog and published by Humble Bundle in April 2019. The game lets you control the titular forager, who explores the world, gathers resources, crafts useful items and builds structures. During his adventure, he will encounter dangerous enemies, as well as demanding puzzles waiting to be solved. The game is available on PC (Windows) for Steam platform.

Forager (2019) graphics


The game revolves around gathering materials and turning them into useful items which will help you progress further. You will start your adventure on a small island with some rocks lying around and trees growing, but as you unlock more structures, you will start earning gold which can be spent to buy more islands and expand the playable area. The world is split into different biomes, each offering different resources to gather. Additionally, some of the islands will feature secret rooms and puzzles waiting to be solved. Doing so will give you additional items and even some powerful gameplay-changing artifacts.

Almost every action done in the game rewards you some experience points, which are needed to level up the character and earn skill points. These points can be used to unlock new skills, which are divided into four groups: industry, economy, foraging, and magic. Each skill gives access to new content, such as new items, structures, or gives various passive bonuses, like increased dodge chance or triple-arrow bow shots. Among the activities available in the game one could mention fishing, hunting, mining, building farms for growing crops, using potions and spell scrolls, exploring, leveling, and even trading in markets for rare items. There is also a museum made with completionist-type players in mind, where you are required to bring a set amount of almost every item you can acquire in the game in exchange for additional rewards.

Artifact in game

Game Modes

Forager game is meant to be played mainly alone in single-player mode, but game’s developer plans to add multiplayer support in one of the future updates. There are currently three modes to choose from, with more planned to be added in the future. Available modes include the default one, a single island challenge without the ability to expand the land, and the speedrun, which runs the timer until all of the in-game achievements are completed.


Forager for PC received favorable reviews. Reviewers praised the number of activities available in the game, which results in players rarely getting bored, as there is always something new to try. They also liked the simplicity of the title – the game was often described as an idle game you eager to play actively. Addictive gameplay was also noted.

Fighting boss in game


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