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Fernbus Simulator Steam Key GLOBAL

Fernbus Simulator is the first game of the genre which focuses on intercity routes

Fernbus Simulator is not the first bus driving simulator in history. In fact, there were many of them before. However, the Fernbus Simulator is the first title, which focuses so much on intercity routes. Usually bus simulators provide you with one city, where you travel from one bus stop to another. In Fernbus Simulator you're driving a coach bus through more than 20 000 km of roads in Germany. Thanks to cooperation with FlixBus, the roads are accurate and realistic. Furthermore, you will be able to visit 40 most important cities in Germany. Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, Bremen, Dortmund, and Hannover are waiting for you.

Various events and dynamic weather

Being a bus driver is not an easy task. Long travels, annoying passengers and most importantly, various events on the road. Unfortunately, you're not alone hence something might happen. Traffic jams or accidents are regular in your job. At the same time you have a schedule to follow. Hence, you have to think fast what to do in certain situations. It might be better sometimes, to simply avoid the highway if you know, that there is a traffic jam. Furthermore, there is a dynamic weather which you also have to take into consideration. During the rainy weather, you simply cannot drive as fast as when there is a sunny day.

Take care of your passengers

Being the bus driver is not only about you know, driving. You also have to take care of your passengers. First of all you have to check, if they have tickets. Sometimes, they might buy the wrong one or simply try to cheat. This is why you have to be careful. Furthermore, you need to remember to open the storage cabinet to give passengers their belongings. What is also important, during the travel passengers might ask you about certain things. For example, they might like some music or opening windows. You need to take all these aspects into consideration. Passengers should be happy with your services.

Look out for police

Fernbus Simulator is not GTA, you are not allowed to break the law. Even the smallest mistake might cost you. Driving 85 km/h instead 80 km/h? Police catches you and you have to pay a big fine. Obviously it is going to be taken from your earnings. Being a bus driver is not easy. On the other hand, there are so much things which you are going to love about this. Get on your bus and start the adventure.


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