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Expansion - Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns Steam Key GLOBAL

Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns presents you with many advances in already existing features like the developments to the focus trees of a number of countries as well as a couple of new ones focused on the naval warfare. Additionally, the DLC brings new vehicles and greater control over foreign governments and your own fleet with the Admiral skills and traits.

Follow or create an alternate history

HoI4 Man the Guns brings major changes to the focus trees of the United States and the United Kingdom and also introduces 2 new ones for Mexico and the Netherlands. Now you can have more involvement in your country when waiting for the war to begin as is the case with the USA where you need to have a majority in the congress to implement any major changes. With this expansion, you can bring peace or dive into more offensive tactics and now you gain the option to help exiled governments to obtain their support and advanced units that can be used in battle.

Become a naval power

With the changes to the naval forces, you can focus on the development of your fleet as well as improvements in the seaside invasions. Now you can customize your ships to fulfill more diverse roles as heavier armed destroyers or lighter scout ships as well as bring older ships back to full service with newly gained knowledge. Moreover, you can train your Admirals to make them more efficient in certain situations with their traits and skills and improve your beach landing with new amphibious landing vehicles that carry your units.


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