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Europa Universalis IV: The Cossacks Key Steam GLOBAL

The Cossacks is the sixth DLC for the well-acclaimed Europa Universalis IV game. As the name suggests it, this content pack focuses on Eastern Europe and the faction known as Cossacks. They were a mix of people from different East-Slavic speaking countries including Ukraine, Poland and Russia, who had a huge impact on Eastern Europe, especially during the XVI and XVII centuries. They are going to appear almost everywhere and in left unchecked, they're going to swarm your country. On the other hand, you can also use Cossacks for your own advantage.

Apart from already mentioned Cossacks, This EU4 DLC provides you with many new things such as the Estates, a relatively small parts of the land which you can give to the nobility, clergy or the Cossacks themselves in order to gain various profits. Although you should always remember that if you give them too much power and territory, they might try to overthrow you. The game also has new diplomatic options which allow you to "tell the world what you want and what you think about your neighbors".

Furthermore, the DLC provides you with dozens of smaller changes and improvements like improved espionage with two new actions (studying technologies of more advanced countries and encourage minorities who live in certain areas, to stand against their ruler), expanded Tengri religion as well as improved culture changes where you can, for example, restore a previous culture to a converted province or convert your own province to culture which is not your own.


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