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Europa Universalis III: Complete Steam Key EUROPE

Europa Universalis III delves deeply into the areas of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy. This epic strategy game lets players take control of a nation and guide it through the ages to become a great global empire. Unparalleled in its depth and historical accuracy, Europa Universalis III gives the player unprecedented freedom in how they choose to rule their nation from an impressive choice of over 250 historically accurate countries. 

Europa Universalis III: In Nomine was the 2nd expansion pack to Europa Universalis 3 released which added the final coat of polish to the game in the eyes of Paradox Interactive. The fans were thankful for the adding of the Byzantium Empire.

Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition, was the first of 3 expansions to get released. It introduced some much needed improvements. Napoleons Ambition adds the Napoleon scenerio which features a revolutionary France which has new abilities to wage longer wars with Europe, mostly through new events. 


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