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EA Access is a subscription service designed to give everyone an opportunity to play the latest games from Electronic Arts without the need to spend money on purchasing each game individually. Every subscriber has access to a constantly growing library of games, all of which can be downloaded and played free of additional charge as long as the subscription remains valid. The subscription also comes with member-exclusive discounts on digital purchases. It also offers early access to the titles yet to be released.

Rich Library of Games

As EA Access subscriber you will gain access to the best games from Electronic Arts without need to buy each game individually, saving you a lot of money. This is the perfect opportunity to try all of the titles you were eager to purchase but didn’t want to buy them without giving them a test ride first. For an equivalent of one good coffee a month you can enjoy the most popular EA games and series, including Battlefield, FIFA, Need for Speed, and Dragon Age, as well as a vast collection of DLCs and expansion packs. There is no time restriction, meaning you can play each game as much as you want, as long as you have an active EA Access subscription.

Exclusive Early Trials

If full games are not enough to convince you to join the service, as a member you will also be able to try the games that are not yet released. Join the competition and try the upcoming hits before everyone else. Learn the game before others and gain an edge in the competitive play. All of the progress you make in early trials will be transferred to the standard version of the game after its release, so you will be able to continue the adventure exactly where you left.

Attractive Discounts

On top of the rich content consisting of full games, expansion packs and early access trials available for you to try, you will also get a member-exclusive 10% discount for digital purchases in the store. This translates into an even better deal, as you will not only be able to test all of EA best-selling products but also purchase them for a more attractive price in comparison to the standard offer available to others. Get your favorite games cheaper with EA Access subscription and start playing right now.


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