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Dying Light: The Following Steam Key GLOBAL

Dying Light - an interesting take on the zombie apocalypse

Dying Light is a game created by Techland. The studio which already has a huge experience in the context of zombies. After all, they created Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. Dying Light as another installment in the genre takes a little bit different approach to the topic. Only this game can be called a mix between Mirrors Edge and typical zombie FPS. 

Not only you have to fight through hordes of zombies but more importantly, you have to learn how to avoid the challenge and move quickly through the city. Roofs are your best friends. In comparison with Dying Light, the DLC The Following is much more open-world. Not only you will be able to choose from a few quests to do but also through the whole map (which is two times bigger than the city from original Dying Light), you will be able to get by with a Buggy. 

The Buggy which you can freely modify. If you need you can find a new engine, tires, weapons like flamethrower. You can easily change your car into a powerful killing machine.

Dying Light: The Following - a new story is waiting for you

Dying Light: The Following is an interesting continuation of the story which you might know from the original game. The interesting thing though is the fact that the plot of the DLC is not put into the exact moment of time. During the original gameplay, Crane is going to mention to you a cult living nearby the town. 

According to Crane not only they are immune to zombie bites, but also somehow they can command the undead. It is up to you when you're going to decide to start your investigation. However, it is strongly recommended to do it as soon as possible. After all, you can't be sure what the cult is going to do against you. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Furthermore, Dying Light: The Following is going to provide you with an open-world gameplay and already mentioned, Buggy car. A new story with non-linear progression is waiting for you. You should definitely start it.

A co-op for up to four players

Dying Light: The Following continues the tradition known from other Techland zombie games. A co-op in which you can join your forces with up to three players, thus making a four people dream team. In co-op not only you can take on zombies together, but also participate in different challenges. 

For example, in buggy races or a game known as Be a Zombie, where four players defend against very powerful zombie controlled by the fifth player. It is a fun game mode thanks to which you are going to build a strong bond with your friends. It is interesting what a zombie apocalypse can do with your relationships.


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