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Duck Game Steam Key GLOBAL

Funny, action video game that offers single-player mode and local multiplayer mode. Duck Game has old-school, 2D pixel graphics. The game is available in single-player and local multi-player mode, though in the beginning it was just a multiplayer mode. Option to play alone was added later one. The game was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. It is a causal game to play, based on a typical platformer. It has pixel graphics.

Duck and the Shotgun – about Gameplay

The idea is simple: aim and shoot other ducks. They run wild, as the action is set in retro-futuristic scenery of 1984 where ducks are free and franticly ran around in battle with each other. You will become a duck. This indie game features some shooting and has mechanics like a platformer game. In single-player mode the user completes challenges and collects tickets in short mini-rounds. Tickets allow unlocking in-game hats and modifiers that shake up the game, like Moon Gravity.

Duck game takes place in one premise, offers 50 levels and more than 50 weapons. The player’s duck controls guns such as shotgun, magnet guns, control rays  and others to take down ducks. Controlling the duck can be done via directional buttons or thumbstick. All you need is five buttons to move around the duck. It is a simple game, easy to pick up, very addicting and funny.

Game modes - Multiplayer and local co-op

Multi-player is also very simple: one hit and the character is dead. The last one standing wins the round. Default number of rounds is 10, however this can be customized.  Maximum number of 4 players can fight in very tight, small, filled with weapons arenas. Battle is very tense with small space, lots of weapons and 4 ducks all trying to frantically shoot each other. Weapons are thrown here and there, so firstly you need to pick it up to shoot other ducks that run wild. The game provides a lot of action and fun! One round sometimes lasts mere seconds. The game can be conducted in local multiplayer via shared screen or online multi-player by connecting with other players.

Pixel, retro graphics

The game has some nice, retro graphics: old-school in 2D. Pixel graphics are multi-colored, very bright. The setting is unique and accompanied score is electro music.

Reviews and gamers opinions

The Duck Game (PC) received positive reviews upon its release. Reviews mostly likened it to other popular 2D brawlers, like TowerFall or Super Smash Bros. Many gamers called it the most insane multiplayer game of 2015 and it was the weirdest game he played in the year of its release. The game is available for Steam, as cd-key. You can play on your PC with Windows operating system.


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