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DmC: Devil May Cry Steam Key GLOBAL

Devil May Cry (PC) is a hack and slash game, full of adventures. The action of the game takes place in two worlds – one controlled by demons and called Limbo, other lived by humans. There is a gate between them through which hordes of demons manage to get from Limbo to people’s universe.

Gameplay of DmC

The gameplay doesn’t differ very much from the original Devil May Cry video game.  It is a spectacular show full of action and adventures, typical for slash and hack video games. The game is played from third-person perspective. The protagonist gets engaged in combat with effective kicks also in the air. He has a wide range of weapons, including iconic sword called Rebellion, handguns Ebony and Ivory, axe Arbiter and scythe Osiris, that have become his signature equipment. In addition, he can use firearms and melee weapons.

A new thing in the reboot are two modes: Angel and Demon, which offer Dante’s a modified moveset. A comeback from the first Devil May Cry makes a mode Devil Trigger, which allows slowing time and slashing stronger attacks while being immortal for a few seconds. The game has only single-player mode.

Story of Dante and Demons

As many demons get to the land of humans, there is only one person who can face them: Dante. A young man of difficult personality. He is an outcast that seeks revenge. Dante has some unprecedented skills of fighting that will prove valuable in facing creatures from other dimension. Dante is half-angel, half-demon, a Nephilim. Demons constantly hunt him, as well as civilian authorities that are controlled by evil powers. The game starts when Dante gets attacked by a demon called the Hunter.

He is dragged to Limbo and only manages to kill the Demon with a help of mysterious girl called Kat. Kat can see into Limbo as she has some special psychic powers. She aids Dante in his return to human world. Then she offers him to meet her boss, called Vergil. It turns out Vergil is Dante’s twin brother. Both of them will set off on the quest to kill King Mundus, a powerful demon who killed their mother and banished their father. The player takes on the role of Dante during the game. The video game received some great reviews upon release. You can get this hack and slash game as a digital steam product license.


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