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DiRT 3 Complete Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

Developed and published by Codemasters in 2011, DiRT 3 is not an ordinary racing game, as it creates a more challenging and realistic experience. The game features racings in various areas such as Kenya, Finland or United States. You can play solo or multiplayer in split-screen or a competitive online mode.


Brace yourselves because in DiRT you have to show off your driving skills in order to be noticed by sponsors that will provide you with new cars. To gain attention participate in game modes such as Rally, Rallycross, Trailblazer, Landrush and Head 2 Head as well as try out the new Gymkhana mode. Here you need to have a good deal of trick-performing skills to earn points as you will have to go around obstacles such as, cones, tires, and barrels on the ‘freestyle arenas’ in order to entertain the crowd and satisfy the judges who reward you with points.

Racing in DiRT 3

DiRT 3 additionally allows for participation in less serious activities, as apart from gymkhana, players get access to various multiplayer party modes. Those include Invasion, where players acquire points for smashing the right wooden targets, Transporter, where the longer one holds a flag the more points he receives and lastly, the Outbreak which makes players run away from others to avoid being infected or do the opposite if you are the infecting one.  

In addition to the party and gymkhana modes, you may give a try to the hardcore mode, where the drive assist has been turned off and the view is restricted to the cockpit. Give this mode a go if you think you have the abilities of a hardcore driver.

DiRT 3 1972 Rally Car

DiRT 3 Complete Edition

The complete edition additionally, includes the Monte Carlo Rally pack, with new rally stages, the X Games Asia Track Pack with new tracks located in Shibuya, a center of Tokyo. Additionally, you can access the Ford Escort Mk II in the Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack, customized Ford Escort Mk II in the Ken Block Special Pack and the Mini Cooper S Gymkhana in the Mini Gymkhana Special Pack.

Complete edition includes:

  • The Monte Carlo Rally Pack
  • The X Games Asia Track Pack
  • The Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack
  • The Ken Block Special Pack
  • The Mini Gymkhana Special Pack

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