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Devil May Cry 5 Standard Edition Steam Key EUROPE

Devil May Cry 5 is back in 2019

The legendary silver-haired demon hunter is back! Devil May Cry 5 was developed by Capcom for PC and more. It is the fifth instalment of the hack’n’slash action saga, sequel to the fourth instalment starring Nero and Dante.


Enjoy multiple spectacular battles, various breath-taking areas, devastating fireballs, and powerful enemies. Devil May Cry 5 features impressive visuals, fast-paced action presented at 60 fps, a large number of effects, and numerous enemies all of which may occur on the screen at the same time. Slaughter mighty, evil demons and fight them in the wildest way that you could think of.

The story in DMC 5

Meet one of the main protagonists of the series, Nero, a demon hunter. The demonic invasion begins with a "demonic tree" that starts growing in Red Grave City. This infernal raid attracts the attention of young Nero, an ally of Dante who is now without his demonic arm, the source of his power. Enter Red Grave City to face the final onslaught of demons. Equip some classic weapons to face new threats and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.

Featured characters in Devil May Cry V

Dante, the demon hunter, possesses a peculiar charisma that shines throughout DMC5. Devil May Cry series innovated the genre with a gameplay in which the important thing was not just to defeat the enemies, but to do it with choreography as elegant as possible.

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