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Dead Space 2 Steam Key GLOBAL

Isaac Clarke’s story continues as he wakes from a coma in a city simply known as “The Sprawl.” Before he can get his bearings, the city is attacked by Necromorphs, the same creatures that made his life a bone-chilling hell the first time around. Confused, disoriented, and scared out of his mind, Isaac must battle the hideous creatures that have driven him insane.

Along with better weapons and more zero-gravity environments, Dead Space 2 takes away the silent protagonist and gives Isaac a voice, letting the player hear his reactions to horror that surrounds him. This adds a new level of despair to the game, as Isaac not only faces Necromorphs, but dementia, graphic visions of his deceased lover, and government persecution. Hear his horrific screams when he’s attacked, and feel his mental distress as he continues his journey into madness in Dead Space 2 for the PC.


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