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Dark Souls III - Season Pass Steam Key GLOBAL

In Dark Souls III everything is against you

The game takes a place in the Kingdom of Lothric. You have to survive the incoming apocalypse. World as you know it is going to desolate and run dry. Unless you're going to do something about it. The brutal conflict between the Age of Fire and people with a dark side has to be stopped. In order to do this you have to face Lords of Cinder. Powerful heroes who linked the first flame and prolonged the Age of Fire, thus destroying the balance between light and darkness. Are you ready to take on such hard task?

In Dark Souls III you are going to die a lot

In general, one of the most important aspects of the Dark Souls series gameplay is the difficulty level. You're going to die a lot. In fact, during your first playthrough you can be killed in the very beginning of the game. It might sound annoying but you cannot be more wrong about that. The difficulty of Dark Souls 3 is something you're going to love. The game is fair. Hence all deaths are the result of your own mistakes. Each battle is a challenge, all bosses are memorable. A success is earned and it feels great.

Dark Souls 3 offers the co-op

In Dark Souls 3 almost everything is going to try to kill you. Sometimes, a challenge might be too problematic to take it on alone. This is why Dark Souls 3 gameplay provides you with complex and proper co-op where you can bypass gameplay mechanics you already know from co-op in previous installments and play with your best friends. 

The only thing you have to do is to input the code under the network tab in options. Remember though that the system is balanced. Stronger heroes are scaled down to the weaker ones. After all the game cannot be too easy, don't you think? Still though, with your friends it will be easier to face strongest of bosses.

A new game+ for a real challenge

When you finish the game for the first time it is possible to start a new game+. In Dark Souls 3 during new game+ you're going to keep your equipment and upgrades and consumables. On the other hand the game is going to get much harder. The game is going to get harder and harder up to 7 new games+. If you're going to look for a really hard battles then the new game+ is a perfect thing for you. 

If you though that normal Dark Souls 3 gameplay was hard then you haven't seen nothing yet. You're going to die, spit with blood but you will be really satisfied with each victory. The best felling in your life.


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