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DARK SOULS III - Ashes of Ariandel Steam Key GLOBAL

Are you ready to explore the dark areas of snow-covered Ariandel? As an unkindled one, you have to face the darkness inside you. Check Dark Souls III - Ashes of Ariandel to expand your adventure and discover new weapons, enemies, and areas. Don’t let your flame disappear.

Enjoy the new, breathtaking location

Visit the painted world of Ariandel - an iced scenery filled to the brim with snow, mountains, old towns, temples, chapels, and churches. Ashes of Ariandel activates at Cleansing Chapel - a location of original DS III campaign. You will be immediately teleported to the Painted World of Ariandel! Admire sophisticated details of surrounding areas and feel the danger lurking in the corners of the frozen land.

This new, vast location provides many extra hours of captivating gameplay so prepare yourself for many new challenges, beautiful landscapes, dangerous ambushes, tricky shortcuts, and hidden treasures & new magical items. Fight with other players at a new PvP arena called “Hollow Arena”. Experience a mysterious, unique and puzzling atmosphere of Ariandel and take the journey into unknown. The mighty enemies and bosses are waiting for you.

New gear & items & spells to collect

Dark Souls III Ashes of Ariandel features new weapons and shields that you can find during your campaign. Travel through unpleasant and tough land and enjoy endless exploration. There are 16 new weapons & shields, 5 armor sets, brand-new pyromancy techniques, and 4 new spells waiting for you.

The new location abounds also with new ashes and one extra ring. Struggle with many difficult obstacles, use new weapons & gear to defeat your enemies, and become a powerful hero. Ashes of Ariandel adds new content and many extra hours to your gameplay. Investigate carefully every single location because it rewards you with awesome, new content.

Acquire epic boss weapons and use their power to smash your opponents. Get the torch that allows you to breathe fire, collect mighty weapons that can perform effect attacks, and fight with new frost spells!

Expanded PvP experience

Visit various, sophisticated locations where you can invade other player worlds and enjoy the unforgettable fighting experience. If you want to develop your fighting skills, use the new PvP arena. Try fighting with different weapons including mighty boss weapons.

Fight epic battles

Gameplay features new types of enemies and challenging bosses. Meet frozen style enemies, bloodthirsty wolves, and dark creatures hidden behind snow storms, rocks, and mountainous regions. Encounter deformed, corrupted, bird-style, humanoid monsters and other, really unique enemies available at this DLC. Avoid dangerous, fast, stabbing attacks, and fight smart and carefully because new enemies can surprise you! Face ominous beasts during skillful and demanding boss battles. Become an invincible hero!

A mysterious story

Talk to numerous NPCs to unfold a fascinating story of Ashes of Ariandel DLC. Awesome graphic design, the variety of locations, and the astounding tale will take you to a dark, magical world which history you can discover only through numerous conversations with encountered NPCs.


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