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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Steam Key GLOBAL

Cook the best dishes and try to satisfy your numerous customers. The game puts you in charge of a kitchen which constantly receives orders. Enter the kitchen and prepare various delicious and succulent dishes.

Some of your customers will come to eat a hamburger with onion, and others without onion. Some will ask you for a taco, but without custard, so if you mistakenly put the custard in, your customer will get angry and you’ll receive a lower score. The games are called 'days' and each new day begins behind the counter where customers are served.

Popular restaurant simulator game

During the gameplay, you will always be busy creating different dishes each time. Many customers indicate very different tastes, and the game does a great job shuffling dishes that are always varied. The campaign mode of Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! offers you the possibility to manage your own restaurant. Improve your skills as an aspiring virtual chef and try to reach the top as one of the world-class restaurants.

Your kitchen duty will also include some other activities like putting mousetraps, placing poison for cockroaches, taking care of the hygiene of the sanitary services, and finally, taking out the garbage so that it does not pile up in your premises. Enjoy pleasant and well-designed game visuals, with a very distinctive art style.

Gameplay and management

Learn to make different recipes (more than 180) from a simple hot dog to the more complicated ones such as Sushi or Lasagna. Defend yourself from the robbers and try not to burn the entire kitchen! Once you have mastered the complicated art of fryers, mustard and hamburgers, you can start making ice cream, smoothies and coffee. As you gain experience levels you will unlock new restaurants and new levels within each of them. In addition to the main career mode, developers added the new mode called Chef for Hire, in which you can take jobs in several restaurants.

They will unlock as your character becomes more and more experienced and you learn to manoeuvre among the great variety of meals to prepare (There are more than 180 foods, drinks and desserts). The new Chef for Hire mode brings up to 350+ extra levels across 30 different restaurants


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