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Cities: Skylines - Green Cities Key Steam GLOBAL

Make green your favorite color and create a city that implements new environmentally friendly technologies. In Cities: Skylines Green Cities the players are presented with new features such as, electrical cars, shops and new services that will help clean your city from waste and pollution.

Plenty of new additions

The expansion pack features 350 new objects, which can not only help you in achieving a modern and green look of your city but also change the way it works to be more nature friendly. Some of those elements include new self-sufficient residential buildings, green skyscrapers, electric cars, and specialized buildings. Making the city look green has become much easier with the inclusion of new garden types such as the Floating or Ziggurat Gardens as well as the Lungs of the City and a number of new plants.

Go green!

In order to create a truly green city or at least a more diversified one, you may want to make use of the new buildings such as the Floating Garbage Collector, Eco Water Treatment Plant, the Solar Updraft Tower or the Ultimate Recycling Plant. To even further help you in your goal, the pack presents you with new policies and specializations for commercial, residential and office areas. Additionally, if you felt the need for completing scenarios, the developers prepared 3 new ones and also 3 new maps you can play on.


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