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Blair Witch is an FPP survival horror video game, developed and published by Polish developer studio Bloober Team, the creators of such acclaimed titles as the Layers of Fear series. In the fourth game in the Blair Witch series, Polish masters of horror reintroduce gamers to the story of the witch living in the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville. Maryland. As Ellis, a former police officer, the player will travel the haunted woods in search of a young boy, who has gone missing in the area. The game is based on the Blair Witch series of films, which pioneered the genre of “found footage” horror.

Blair Witch Project Game

Legacy of the Blair Witch

The story of the Blair Witch began in 1999 with a sleeper hit movie, “The Blair Witch Project”. The movie, credited as one that has popularized the “found footage” technique of filmmaking, is set in 1994 and follows three film school students who visit the Black Hills Forest to investigate the legend of a mysterious Blair Witch and prove her existence on tape. “The Blair Witch Project” was an astounding success, grossing over 250 million dollars on a 60,000-dollar budget. It has become a cult classic and gave way to two sequels and a series of video games. The games heavily expanded the mythos of the Blair Witch series.

Blair Witch screenshot

Masterful horror gameplay

The gameplay of Blair Witch follows the beats typical to the survival horror genre, focusing on exploration and plot developments. The player controls Ellis, a former policeman, who arrives in the Black Hills Forest to investigate a missing child case. Accompanying him is Bullet, his loyal German Shepherd. The dog plays a crucial role in the gameplay, alerting the player to the threats or focusing their attention on the points of interest. Ellis is equipped with a flashlight, which he can use to light the way through the dark and a video camera to highlight certain objects or enemies. The game includes escape sequences and occasional puzzles.

Thrilling psychological story

Two years since three film students vanished without a trace in the Black Hills Forest, a young boy goes missing in the haunted woods. Ellis, a former cop, has had enough. The things he saw and did during the years of service have brought him to the edge. But now, he feels like some force is pushing him towards the Black Hills Forest. He decides to investigate the boy’s disappearance, but the trials set before him by the Blair Witch will put his sanity to a test.

Blair Witch monsters

Reception of the game

Blair Witch received positive initial reviews. Players and critics praised the climate of horror in the game, faithfully recreated from its cinematic original. Likewise, they praised the gameplay mechanics, especially puzzles and the use of Bullet the dog in certain moments of the game. 


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