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Black Mesa Steam Key GLOBAL

Half-Life, a game which was released in 1998 changed the FPS genre, forever. Black Mesa is modification created by Carlos Montero and his team from Black Mesa Modification Team

The Black Mesa laboratory is waiting for your return

The history presented in the Black Mesa game is the same as in the Half-Life original title. You are a Gordon Freeman, a young but a very popular scientist who work in the Black Mesa Institute. At early 1998 you, together with the research team from Black Mesa Research Facility you were able to discover the alien word, known as "Xen".

Thanks to the teleportation technology you were able to land on Xen and collect Xen inhabitants and wildlife. When you find a mineral known as Xen crystals. Hence, you decided to analyze them in the Anti-Mass Spectrometer. Unfortunately (due to the safety negligence) as soon as crystals are connected with the spectrometer beam, it blows up and then creates various portals, through which aliens from Xen appear on Earth and attack scientists and staff.

Now you have to try to run away from Black Mesa. It won't be easy though. Not only because of Xen monsters but also due to the fact, that the government decided to cover up the incident. Which equals with killing you.

An updated experience just for you

Black Mesa is not only a simple remaster of already well acclaimed title. It is something else. The entire gameplay was modified and updated in order to turn Half-Life, into a modern title.

First of all, the game has a new visuals build with full capabilities of the Source engine. In other words, the game looks better and more advanced. Furthermore, there are also new encounters, voice over, and updated gameplay. Even veterans of the series are going to be surprised.

Black Mesa game has the multiplayer!

Yes, you heard it right. The Black Mesa has a well developed multiplayer system. You can either play with your friends in co-op, or challenge them in various game modes.

However, the best part of it is the fact, that you are going to fight on an iconic maps: Stalkyard, Gasworks, Bounce, and Undertow are waiting for you.

Black Mesa on Steam provides you with the modding tolls and a workshop

One of the most interesting part of the Steam itself is the fact, that most games has tons of available modding tolls and a workshop. You can create your own modes, maps etc.

However, if you do not have any need to do this, then you can simply download projects, made by other players. Share your experiences with each other. Thanks to this Black Mesa is going to live even longer, than original Half-Life game

Are you ready to become Gordon Freeman once more?


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