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BioShock Remastered Steam Key GLOBAL

Enjoy better gameplay performance and dive into a fascinating, mysterious world of BioShock. The title is more of a piece of interactive fiction than a game. It tells an amazing story, that you want to see through. BioShock Remastered (PC) is an updated and improved version of this acclaimed first-person shooter. All changes are focused on the visual section, so we will find textures and effects of higher quality, as well as new options that allow us, for example, to control the field of vision. Mouse control has also been improved and now supports resolutions of 21:9 ratio.

All users who have the original version on Steam will receive the update to obtain the remaster for free. The remasters are attractive both for the developers, because they cost much less time and money to make than a new game, and for the players of the new consoles, who have more titles to choose from. BioShock Remastered brings the old story but with new graphical improvements and resolution 1080p and 60 frames per second. The textures of some elements have improved, as well as the lighting and newobjects have been added to the environment.

Plot and characters in Bioshock

The game takes place in a Ukraine of the year 1960 and puts the player in the role of Jack, a survivor of a plane crash, who then must explore the city of Rapture while fighting mutated humans with special powers and robots designed to attack certain targets automatically. The game, which is in the first person shooter, incorporates elements of RPG, biopunk, survival horror and stealth, for this, it is described by its developers as a "spiritual sequel" of the game System Shock 2. 

Unlike what shooters offer, Bioshock opts for a complex narrative full of political and sociological references but explained with clarity and spectacle. Andrew Ryan, the founder of the city of Rapture where the game is set, was an orator capable of taking any political discourse to his land to convince his fellow citizens that this city was a paradise under the sea.

Receptions and Players Opinion

BioShock Remastered was warmly greeted by PC and Mac players around the world. The BioShock saga is well known and famous, so the title is perceived as one of the best first-person-shooters ever created. The brilliantly designed graphics, gripping gameplay, and interesting storyline inspire gamers to play this game again and again. Remastered version collects positive reviews and comments on the Steam platform. The game also achieved a very high score and it represents the true art of gaming.


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