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Batman: Arkham Origins Steam Key GLOBAL

The plot starts on Christmas Eve, a few years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, when Batman is just embarking on his career as a superhero. The villain in the game is Black Mask, an evil rogue who sets a reward for Batman’s head. Batman not only needs to face him, but also to discover why he and other enemies want so badly his death.

The authors of the game put great attention to relations between Batman and other characters,  which are very complicated. Some new characters in the video game include Deathstroke, Firefly and Shiva as villains. When it comes to tech specs, this Batman game is Unreal Engine 3-driven which provides a high quality of audio and graphics.


The game takes place during winter time in Gotham City. This time there is much bigger setting available for players than in previous games: there is Old and New Gotham to discover. The game starts when Batman make an intervention in a jailbreak at Blackgate prison on Christmas Eve. The break is led by Black Mask, who manages to escape. Batman is fighting one of eight hired assassins and learns there is a reward for his head set by Black Mask. To find the location of Black Mask, Batman gets into contact with Penguin.


The Arkham Origins game is played in third perspective. The action is very dynamic and mechanics are similar to that from Batman: Arkham City. However, as Batman in this instalment is younger and less experienced, his style of combat is not as perfect as in later games.

Also, he is just learning to embrace some of his sills. There are also various stealth elements and side quests, like investigating the crime scene or sabotage actions against criminals, that make finishing the full game a more fascinating experience. Events are randomly generated.

Game Modes

Batman Arkham Origins can be played in single player or multi player mode. The later mode is a new thing introduced to the series: Invisible Predator Online follows a gang war that broke in Blackgate Prison between the Joker and the Bane, two greatest villains of the Gotham City. Three Joker’s gang members fight against three Bane’s gang members and also a team of Batman and Robin, in turns. The aim is to kill all members of the opposite team


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