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Apple iTunes Gift Card United States 50 USD iTunes

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one, or just something to spoil yourself with, look no further. iTunes 50 USD Gift Card is all you ever needed and more in one package. The digital gift card enables the purchase of 50$ worth of various products offered at Apple Store. At the price of just 50 dollars, this gift card will allow the recipient access to over 50 million songs, and nearly as many TV shows, movies, e-books, games and other applications. Songs can be bought separately or in albums, which will influence the price. Movies are available both in SD and HD. The price depends on their popularity and resolution.

Apple 50$ iTunes Gift Card provides access not only to iTunes but also to other stores under Apple brand, such as App Store. Users can browse the database of all apps available on Apple store and choose whichever one suits their needs best. Prices of applications available on the Apple App Store vary and are dependent on the decisions of their respective developers. 

Another section of the Apple Store that buyers and recipients of the iTunes Gift Card might be interested in is Apple iBooks Store. iBooks offers e-books for all Apple devices, in e-pub and PDF format. Using Apple iBooks users can change the font of the read text to several available, such as Times New Roman and Verdana. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted for best reading experience.


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