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This product is region locked to NORTH AMERICA. That means that your game account must have been created in North America to use this product.

Apple iTunes Gift Card 25 USD iTunes NORTH AMERICA

As the name suggests it, Apple Gift Card is basically a digital gift card, in this case worth 25$, which you can use to add credits to your Apple ID. You can then use this money to buy products in the App Store and iTunes Store. The world of music, movies, tv series or podcasts is wide open for any receiver of Apple iTunes Gift Card 25 $. Furthermore, the Apple Gift Card can be also used to increase the storage capacity of the iCloud.

The iCloud - what is it?

Many people, especially new users of Apple products, tend to ask: what is the iCloud? In general, iCloud refers to all online Apple services such as iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, Apple Music and many others. Keep in mind though, that the basic version of iCloud provides you only with 5 GB of the storage. Thanks to the Apple Gift Card, you can increase your storage significantly.


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