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A Hat in Time Steam Key PC GLOBAL

Run around and explore a mysterious world in this action-adventure platformer game. A Hat in Time, developed by Gears for Breakfast with the help of a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, doubling its funding targets in around two days, present the player with a colorful world full of secrets, collectibles, and mysteries to solve. Many elements of this game are sure to bring fond memories to those, familiar with games such as Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie.

A hat in Time


The game includes collecting items, solving puzzles and using an umbrella with unlockable powers as a means of fighting opponents. Your main goal is to collect the timepieces as those serve as the fuel for Hat Kid’s ship and allow her to travel to different worlds. Collecting 40 of those pieces, unlocks additional levels to explore and the more you collect the more levels can be unlocked. Do not avoid fights because your enemies drop pons, a currency that helps you to unlock additional features and purchase badges that help you improve Hat Kid’s abilities.

A hat in Time Gameplay

Become a fashionista and stitch yourself a wide collection of hats. This can be done by collecting yarn balls in each level, which give you the option to create new hats, each with a different and awesome ability. Choose the hats depending on the situation, as in some cases you might need to sprint or create useful potions or even peek into another dimension. Collect relics to open time rifts which are bonus levels containing additional puzzles and storybooks, presenting a greater story when assembled. Additionally, rift tokens can be found among the game levels and can be later exchanged in The Roulette mini-game, similar to a slot machine, giving the player a chance to win awesome prizes like cosmetic variants and colors of the hats and music remixes playing in the game.


Take a role of Hat Kid who on her way home in her spaceship fuelled by timepieces, as a result of an accident got all her fuel scattered on a mysterious planet ruled by the evil mafia. As a result of this, she has to find her way around this unfamiliar planet and collect the timepieces to continue her adventures. The exploration only starts there, however, as this is only one of the 5 worlds to visit, explore and interact with.

Hat kid with Monster

Mods and Game Modes

As a result of the enormous support from the community, the developers allow the players to create, download and share mods to change and stay invested in the game. Thanks to the effort of the fans, there are hundreds of awesome mods ranging from cosmetic, to gameplay changing, available on the Steam workshop community page completely free!

Additionally, the developers gave players access to a free DLC called A Hat in Time - Coop, allowing them to play the game together in a split-screen co-op. This option makes the exploration of the game world even more enjoyable.


Even before the release, the game received universal praise for its new ideas as well as elements bringing memories of older classics such as Super Mario 64 or Donkey Kong 64. A Hat in Time (PC) has been welcomed by the gamer community with open arms and with its charming style, become a favorite game of a great number of players.


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